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About Company

Company Name Miyakawa Industry Co., Ltd.
Division SDGs Company
Head Office Miyakawa Cho 1-1-1,Seki, Gifu prefecture, Japan
Fax number +81-575221417
E-mail info@miyakawa.com
President Jiro Miyakawa




Miyakawa Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1935 as a manufacturer of metal processing machines for the electrical, automobile, bridge, shipbuilding, and aircraft industries.

Since 1953, we have acquired patents for multi-axis technology in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, USA, Germany, Russia, France, and UK, and have been proposing and delivering our multi-axis technology to the metalworking industry around the world. Since 2008, we have been spreading R chamfering technology as a pioneer in the world as a coating standard PSPC adaptation for marine steel structures in the world.

In 2012, we established Miyakawa Kogyo India Pvt. Ltd., together with local members, as a trial market in India to introduce the world's most advanced technologies, not only in the industrial sector, but also in the fields of environment, sanitation, energy, agriculture, and food, accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, we have put various latest technologies into practical use (Make in India) in India and are arranging commercialization with low-cost manufacturing. (Japanese technology → India, Indian products → Asia, UAE, Africa, Europe, etc.)

In 2020,

  1. (1) release the world's highest performance thermal barrier and heat insulation paint (patented in 2020) to the market
  2. (2) obtain FDA approval for the world's first chlorine dioxide solution stabilized at less than 0.01% as a disinfectant and release it to the market.

These two products will be the two new pillars of new "SDGs Company" Division of MIYAKAWA INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.


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